Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 6, 7 and Ate! Did you see how I did that there? Did ya see that?

Heyooo! We are BACK! In Action. That’s right folks after a 3 week hiatus from posting a lot has happened in the Pool Boys league. The Re-Up has started, many partiers have gone out. I do sincerely apologize though. After being out of work for over 2 weeks I had a lot of catching up to do. But I’m finally caught up on work, reports, travel, the pick em choices and most importantly; 25 years of sexual frustration.

So for at least this week we won’t have anyone posting who can actually kill a man or another poster who has the technical competency of JaMarcus Russell. Bobby, are we all sure you weren’t actually the guy Galmiche talked about in the Coffee factory when being taught how to use a computer and double handed a mouse? After your lack of capability to A) use a computer, B) post something on a site, C) Having to type it with another partier because you have the typing speed of an impoverished Somalian, I’m not too sure. All of this was very confusing… granted, we were all shocked that you made it past realwinner109 and other hidden AIM screenames for keeping the watch out on certain Jesuit women, (the name you ask? Bobbys Perch)and are now capable of using something as comprehensive as GMAIL. Either way…the job got done and I thank you.

Week 6

Quick Recap

17 people are still partying
15 people have a strike against them
2 people are flawless
2 people got a strike this week
9 people are F’in Out!

Pick of the Week!

I don’t care if this man lost, he picked!!! Purcell did it! He did it! Purcell did it! That’s right folks, after a 2 week hiatus Purcell got his pick in this week. He of course originally took the Packers and had already used them so he did what Ryan normally does when he’s pressed. Starts flailing around and dripping at incredibly fast speeds around his hea…. oh wait, no that’s when he plays basketball. Anyways it’s a great metaphor for his life; when in doubt PANIC and Ryan did by picking the Lions against the Niners. Which reminds me, welcome back to 1993 everybody, when these teams last meant anything.

Honorable Mention: ME! For sweating it out with the Bungles.

Worst Pick of the Week

Ben Clark! This one feels exceptionally good folks. While making demands and asking to have a higher betting circle Ben Clark is finally out. Not only that, he didn’t even Re-Up after making the majority of the suggestions. I’ll tell you what Ben, since you never paid; because you’re either incapable or too broke you can pay $60 to join next year so that maybe we can actually meet your high rolling standards. The run was fun while it lasted, although I’m fairly convinced you and Bobby Rob Catellano’d week 5 with that Seahawks pick. There was definitely money exchanging hands while I was out.

Honorable Mention: Ryan “Panic” Purcell

The Picks

Paul AndrewsRaiders 1 Strike
Marcus ArnoldRaiders  
Phil BarryPackers 1 Strike
Paul BarthSteelers 1 Strike
Justin BeldingRaiders 1 Strike
Joe ChurchRaiders 1 Strike
Ben ClarkSaintsLossF'in Out
Kevin ClarkOut 1 Strike
Sam FinleyRaiders 1 Strike
Dan FitzpatrickOut F'in Out
John GalmicheOut F'in Out
Nick "Hollywood" Heinrichs  1 Strike
Neil JubitzOut F'in Out
Pat KellyPackers  
Nick LambPackers 1 Strike
Ryan McAndrewBengals 1 Strike
Drew MillarRaiders 1 Strike
Matt NicholsOut F'in Out!
Bobby PhilbrookJets 1 Strike
Ryan PurcellLionsLoss1 Strike
Kyle ShultzOut F'in Out
Dan StoneFalcons 1 Strike
Trent StriplinRavens 1 Strike
Erik WeissOut F'in Out
Paul WilsonOut F'in Out
Michael ZahlerOut F'in Out

F’in Out Time

Sorry guys I kind of already blew my load a bit prematurely on this one in the worst pick of the week section. It’s sadly been a very tough trend to buck the last month…

Week 7!

Frankly this week bored me, which is for the most part why I didn’t write a post. That and I was tremendously hurt by Ben and Bobby’s duo update from week 5. You’d be NOTHING WITHOUT ME. NOTHING! Anyways, only 1 person lost so I’m going to be brief

Quick Recap
17 people are still partying
16 people have a strike against them
1 person is flawless
1 person got a strike this week
9 people are F’in Out!

Pick of the Week!

No one. We all picked the Cowboys and Saints. THAT was it. I’ll give some credit to Marcus though. May be the only time he ever makes this column, because as Bobby said his boldest moves are when he actually makes a choice on which condiments to use. However, Marcus is the last man standing without a scar. Congrats Marcus, you are in the driver’s seat. Your’s to lose at this point.

Worst Pick of the Week

Pat Kelly! Woof! Next to when the Seahawks and Browns just kicked a box back and forth at one another for an hour this was the worst game I’ve seen in the NFL this year. Promptly after this frustrating football weekend for Pat he drove to La Center after nose blasting a couple 8 balls and took a ride on the Phoenix for about 12 straight hours. No seriously, he didn’t gamble he just rode the top of that neon sign the whole time pulling down heaters.

Here are the Picks and then I’m moving on to week 8.

Paul AndrewsSaints1 Strike
Marcus ArnoldCowboys
Phil BarryCowboys1 Strike
Paul BarthSaints1 Strike
Justin BeldingSaints1 Strike
Joe ChurchCowboys1 Strike
Ben ClarkF'in Out
Kevin ClarkF'in Out
Sam FinleyCowboys1 Strike
Dan FitzpatrickF'in Out
John GalmicheF'in Out
Nick "Hollywood" HeinrichsF'in Out
Neil JubitzF'in Out
Pat KellyRavensLoss1 Strike
Nick LambCowboys1 Strike
Ryan McAndrewCowboys1 Strike
Drew MillarCowboys1 Strike
Matt NicholsF'in Out!
Bobby PhilbrookCowboys1 Strike
Ryan PurcellCowboys1 Strike
Kyle ShultzF'in Out
Dan StoneCowboys1 Strike
Trent StriplinCowboys1 Strike
Erik WeissF'in Out
Paul WilsonF'in Out
Michael ZahlerF'in Out

Week 8

F this week. F Drew Bree’s and definitely F the Saints. I don’t know what happened with him and his receivers after absolutely shalacking the Colts. It should have been a sure thing, but nooooooo. Maybe him and the team had a rough week? A falling out of some sort? Maybe it was over an adult game of twister? I don’t know! I’m not here to speculate! What I do know is that game was sloppier then Sarah Palin’s nether regions and I’m NOT too happy about it…Here’s the recap

12 people are still partying
11 people have a strike against them
1 person is flawless
3 people got a strike this week
14 people are F’in Out!

Pick of the Week!

My Cold. Black. Heart. Really doesn’t want to even right this anymore. Dan Stone. Yay.

Worst Pick of the Week

Phil and I for picking the Saints. We got a strike using the Giants together and now were heading out by picking the Saints together. Lame. Every time I completely vajeened out in this league I got hosed for it, but I guess that’s what you get when you pick the Titans in the Re-Up because you were a little worried they would knock you out. Don’t hedge your bets, dooooon’t you do it.

The Picks!

Paul AndrewsRavens1 Strike
Marcus ArnoldNiners
Phil BarrySaintsLossF'in Out
Paul BarthGiantsWin1 Strike
Justin BeldingGiants1 Strike
Joe ChurchTexans1 Strike
Ben ClarkF'in Out
Kevin ClarkF'in Out
Sam FinleyNiners1 Strike
Dan FitzpatrickF'in Out
John GalmicheF'in Out
Nick "Hollywood" HeinrichsF'in Out
Neil JubitzF'in Out
Pat KellyGiants1 Strike
Nick LambNiners1 Strike
Ryan McAndrewSaintsLossF'in Out
Drew MillarNiners1 Strike
Matt NicholsF'in Out!
Bobby PhilbrookRavens1 Strike
Ryan PurcellNo PickLossF'in Out
Kyle ShultzF'in Out
Dan StoneBengals1 Strike
Trent StriplinTitans1 Strike
Erik WeissF'in Out
Paul WilsonF'in Out
Michael ZahlerF'in Out

F’in Out Time!

As Zahler would say drunkenly at a bar one night “That’s me, That’s me, Thaaaat’s me!!!” If you haven’t caught on from all my moping yet, I’m out this week. That’s right; the guy who puts the league together and writes all the post (errr…most of the posts) is out. You all are lucky there is a Re-Up going on, because right now I’m about as willing to jump into Caitlin Keyes bearded clam then to write another one of these posts. Start losing folks! Or you’re going to get more I’m on the edge of the roof posts like this after doing nothing for 3 weeks. Ryan Purcell also went out this week. Hurray! Ryan didn’t pick for perhaps the 7th week in a row so the league and its followers should all be happy that justice was served. Last but not least Phil Barry also went out. He said he was going to go dive into some bearded clams too…I don’t blame him.

That’s a rap for this week folks. I’ll make a side bar for the Re-Up soon. If you haven’t joined yet and made a correct pick this week I’ll allow you in this next week and that’s it. $20 buy in, 1 strike, all teams are back. Pat Kelly is already F’in out; if only this would happen in the regular league…

For the rest of you in the Re-Up I need some dolla bills ya’ll!

Brian Olsen OUT!


  1. Texans this week... Good job getting the blog up a month late, Ryan. Its gotta be busy collecting rent from the Froot Loop Troop, brushing up on the Cabellas winter inventory, and keeping track of the lunar calendar all at once.

  2. This update was later than a Kim mcandrew period on a full moon and thrown together worse than a Ronnie appearance on Thursday night smackdown.

    The caitlin keys jokes are more worn out than a glory hole at the Paris theater, time for some new material. Did you fire your ghostwriter, and let the Thomas Edison yearbook team take over?

  3. Give me PHI over Jay Cutler's mopey face for week 9.

    Turkey/Holiday Bowl plans? Can we keep resurrecting this tradition like Father Dejardins?