The Rules

·         A $20 dollar check gets you in.  Money has to be in by Sept 4th, 2011 at the latest.  No exceptions.  You don’t pay.  You don’t play. 
o   I will deposit it all into savings at the same.  So everyone can track when their money was taken out of their account.  You will also have access to this email to hold me accountable as well.
·         This isn’t something I want to mess around with.  $20 before Sept. 4th, no exceptions.  You don’t get it in, you aren’t playing.  It’s too easy for people to not pay or forget, or complain at the end of the year.  If I don’t receive it by Sept 4th I won’t count your picks.

So how do you get your picks in?

·          Email or phone me before kickoff of that game.  You don’t get it in before kickoff of that game it doesn’t count.  I will make sure to post mine for you all before hand so that you know I’m not cheating on my picks.

·         As I said previously you only get to choose a team ONCE ALL SEASON, so choose wisely.  Go for the obvious blow out each week.  Keep it simple but realize you can’t use that team again.

What happens if this team loses? Can I still use it again?

·         No, that team still counts as being used so keep track of who you have used before.  If you use a team twice it will be an automatic loss for that week.
·         There are no resets.  If people are still standing come playoffs there isn’t a reset.  You can only use teams you have not used yet.

What happens if I forget one week?

·         I am not in charge of keeping track of your teams but will do what I can to remember.  If you forget you won’t be completely out of luck, but you will be defaulted to the team with the largest spread.  If you have used that team you will lose that week.
·         This way you are still alive for that week, but someone you may have wanted to save will be used.

Who wins?

·         The last one standing wins the pot.

·         Incase of a tie the pot will be split.  If someone has a mulligan left and one person does not after the season is over the person with the mulligan left will get a slightly bigger cut (70/30).

What happens if multiple people are still around at the end of the regular season?

·         Play will continue on into the post season.  If you are out of teams to use you will still get credit for making it to that week, but the outcome will go down as a loss.

So pretty simple.  One team a week, and that team can only be used once during the whole season.  We play until there is one person left standing.  You get one mulligan.  You get two picks wrong your F’in out!